OneWell Fishing was established in 2010 by an Aussie fishing enthusiast who couldn't find any durable, reliable, tough lures in the market. With months of tank testing, prototyping and designing the first OneWell brand - SUMO was released in September 2010. SUMO lures are designed to withstand the strike of the most ferocious predatory fish. 

OneWell is all about enjoying your next fishing trip. We want to share our great quality lures with all fishing enthusiasts from all walks of life, hoping that no matter where you are fishing in Australia you can just add water & enjoy!

Research and development plays a pivotal role in the manufacture of our lures. Using 3D CAD and rapid prototyping, required changes are made whether it is to the lure’s profile or weight so that every lure swims exactly as intended.

Using numerous prototypes, colours and weights for testing each lure, OneWell Fishing manufactures a proven design that has passed stringent quality measures and will catch that target fish straight from the box. Our unique colour range is also a very important part to the design feature of each lure. Each colour has been successfully field tested before being included in our range.

At OneWell Fishing our lures are tough, reliable and of a high quality that get the results.