since 2010

OneWell Fishing was established in 2010 by an Australian fishing enthusiast who couldn't find any durable, reliable, tough lures in the market. After a year of designing, prototyping and testing lures, the first OneWell brand - SUMO was born in September 2010. SUMO lures are designed with strength in mind, to withstand the strike of the most ferocious predatory fish. In October 2021, we launched our Lunch lures - providing anglers with a slimmer profile lure that has a faster action than our SUMO range, ultimately broadening target species.

OneWell is all about enjoying your next fishing trip. We want to share our great quality lures with all fishing enthusiasts from all walks of life, hoping that no matter where you are fishing in the world you can just add water & enjoy!

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Awesome product. Super reliable and sturdy. Have caught tonnes of natives on various Sumo patterns and consistently out fish my mates. However, the Outback Sumo would be my go to lure if my life depended on landing a fish with one cast.

Ben Jackson
Fitzroy, Victoria

Sumo lures are easily the best lures I’ve used for Natives. The hardware is all high quality (no need to upgrade O-rings or Trebles). They cast effortlessly, swim perfectly and get down deep where the fish are. The snag rate is minimal and the strike to hook up rate is phenomenal. I’ve finally found the perfect lure! Thanks Sumo.

Danny Jackson
Northcote, Victoria