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Lunch is designed to provide anglers with a slimmer profile lure that has a faster action than our SUMO range ultimately broadening target species. From bream in Estuaries, to small browns in Creeks, Barramundi in the Runoffs and Bass in Rivers. Ranging in Size from 70mm, 100mm to 133mm all you need to do is just add water & enjoy!

Lunch70 is the perfect lure to chase Bream and Flathead or finesse cast for Trout in a small Creek. Weighing only 4.5g and body length of 45mm (not including bib). It’s very small in stature but performs like a work horse and it's armed with Owner ST36 treble hooks.

Just add water & enjoy!

Easy casting for all day fun with a super strong bib that swims true and gets you in the strike zone. Adjust your retrieval speeds to entice the strike from species in Estuaries to Rivers. An all-rounder that’s built to last and armed with Mustad 36341 Trebles.

Just add water & enjoy!

The largest lure in the Lunch range measuring at 133mm. Designed for larger species in both Estuaries and Lakes. Accurate to cast into those Mangrove Forests and deadly on the troll reaching depths of 5m. Armed with Owner ST56 trebles you can have confidence reeling in your prized catch.

Just add water & enjoy!


We have a range of 16 colours, all tested and proven to work before added to our range. Stay tuned for more colour releases!

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Our customers are at the centre of what we do. We love seeing all their prized catches with the Lunch lure as well as receiving glowing reviews.


With wire-through technology, tank testing, strong trebles from Mustad/Owner, unique designs and colours you can fish with confidence!

From our customers


Lunch lures are fantastic, great quality, affordable and
super broad with target species.

Melbourne, Australia

I was so excited to receive my Lunch lure order, they did not disappoint! The detail in the lure shape and colour is perfect, cannot wait to use them.

Echuca, Australia