Designed with
strength in mind

It's the SUMO difference.

Targeting predatory fish such as Murray Cod you must have trust and confidence in the lure you choose. SUMO delivers on all fronts, fantastic range of colours (26), 100% tank tested, 3D eyes, internal rattle, wire through construction and the unmistakable 3 rib design. All 3 sizes in the SUMO range possess the same irresistible wide and rolling swimming action that fish love.

Mini SUMO is the perfect lure to cast all day and quickly gets down between the timbers in no time. Wire through construction and Owner ST-56 3x hooks complete the experience.

Just add water and enjoy!®

SUMO weighing an impressive 47 grams makes casting a breeze in windy conditions and is ideal for trolling rivers and lakes. Diving to a depth of 5 metres. Wire-through construction and Mustad Ultrapoint 3x hooks complete the experience.

Just add water and enjoy!®

Super SUMO is the largest lure in the SUMO family. Designed purely for trolling deep rivers and lakes (up to 8m), the profile and extreme strength of the bib ensures the lure tracks true and stays in the strike zone. Wire through construction and Owner ST-66 4x hooks complete the experience.

Just add water and enjoy!®

Wire-through technology

Using Wire-through technology in the design of the lure improves strength and provides peace of mind to the angler compared to the standard figure 8 hook hangers found on most lures. The stainless steel wire is 6mm in diameter, pre formed to desired shape and carefully placed into the plastic cavity before being ultrasonic welded.

Range of Colours

We have a selection of 26 colours in our SUMO range. All are carefully chosen after rigorous testing and are only added to the range once proven. You can feel confident with any colour you choose. View our colour range by clicking download below.


customer satisfaction

Our customers over the years have caught many fish with our SUMO lures. Enjoy a collection of images from our customers by clicking the link below!


Premium trebles

All of our lures have premium trebles, from Mustad or Owner which are minimum 3X strong. Giving you the best chance to land that trophy fish.

From our customers


Awesome product. Super reliable and sturdy. Have caught tons of natives on various Sumo patterns and consistently out fish my mates. However, the Outback Sumo
would be my go to lure if my life depended on landing a fish with one cast.

Fitzroy, Victoria

The Sumo lures are great, I have found that you can work them through the snags far easier than a number of other lures I have used in the past. They float very well & seem to get down and deep where needed. Definitely my go to when on the Murray.

East Ivanhoe, Victoria