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Stnd SUMO Season Pack x12

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A hand-picked selection of 12 of our most popular standard SUMO lures. 

1x Stnd SUMO Gold Digger #005
1x Stnd SUMO Golden Retriever #014
1x Stnd SUMO Yellow Belly #004
1x Stnd SUMO Outback #010
1x Stnd SUMO Vegas #012
1x Stnd SUMO Red Rampage #006
1x Stnd SUMO Flamingo #001
1x Stnd SUMO Phantom #013
1x Stnd SUMO Mr Tea #002
1x Stnd SUMO Hulk #007
1x Stnd SUMO Lambogrini #009
1x Stnd SUMO Blue Lagoon #008

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Discover why our SUMO lures are unique, reliable, strong, durable and super effective.

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Awesome product. Super reliable and sturdy. Have caught tons of natives on various Sumo patterns and consistently out fish my mates. However, the Outback Sumo
would be my go to lure if my life depended on landing a fish with one cast.

Ben Jackson
Fitzroy, Victoria

The Sumo lures are great, I have found that you can work them through the snags far easier than a number of other lures I have used in the past. They float very well & seem to get down and deep where needed. Definitely my go to when on the Murray. 

East Ivanhoe, Victoria

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